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Les étudiants de BTS SNIR2 vous encouragent à recycler vos objets electroniques 4

Par MAGALIE DAYNA, publié le vendredi 22 décembre 2023 18:54 - Mis à jour le vendredi 22 décembre 2023 18:54

Hello everybody, my name is Garen du Demacia . I’m currently a computer science student. I’m here to talk about the importance of recycling electronics devices.


Recycling is very important for our planet, because the elements that make up our devices are extracted from earth by using toxic products. We’re killing the ground and nature around us with our current method.


Recycling is one of the way we can save it, by reducing electronic devices we will reduce pollution and the amount of waste released into the environment.


What’s more the mineral that make up our phones are not harvested in good conditions, but young children in the cargo who harvest cobalt for low salary.


Prefer reconditioned appliance to new ones, they’re all just as good. And you’ll get your product with the same requirement at a lower cost.


Why pay one thousand and three hundred euros for an iphone when Android sell the same phone for much less?


To Sum up recycle today to stop killing our planet.